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Reclaim Your Wellness

A 12-Month Holistic Container for Wellness Pro's to Prioritize your Self-Care, Mental & Financial Wellness so you can Thrive in Body, Life, & Biz and start being the person you know you are. Join the Club Today! 

You're stronger than you think you are. But the fact that you're here right now means you are working your ass off because you are a badass at giving incredible results with your healing modalities.

But if you're anything like I used to be, you need help to take your Health & Wealth to the next level. 

Do you continue to sacrifice your self care because you want to make more money and find yourself stuck in the hustle and grind?


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If you're looking for:

More Health, Wellness & Vitality

Of course you know what to do as a wellness professional, so it’s easy to tell your clients how to be healthier but you are realizing that you feel tired, cranky, or unmotivated most days.

better Connection to your Body & Mind 

You continue to tell yourself that once you make more money then you can relax and make time for yourself so until then you are spinning your wheels and lost the connection to your body

freedom from physical pain & discomfort 

You probably experience bloating, gas, brain fog, fatigue but it’s easy to eat quick meals like Chipotle or Whole Foods or skip meals than actually figure out what is causing it

Can you relate?

unhealthy reach & soothe patterns

You use a glass (or 2-3) of wine, a joint, overdoing it at the gym, drinking, or mindless scrolling on social as a mental break and tell yourself it’s okay because you are working so fucking hard.

Hustle & grind Mentality

You are keeping yourself so busy that you have lost connection with your intuition and your gifts are not evolving like you know you can

Breaking your own Boundaries

You are a passionate wellness pro so when your clients change their schedule last minute you allow it, even though it was supposed to be your lunch or down time.

  It's time to RECLAIM YOUR WELLNESS to stop sacrificing your self care for the grind and end the hustle mentality.

The fact that you are a natural born healer means that you Deserve to be wealthy and your gifts are meant to help you step into abundance.

Gone are the days of working your ass just to get by

No more avoiding your bank and charging chipotle on your credit card.

It is possible for you to be fully booked & have plenty time for your own care and rituals.

It’s time to re-write the broken money story that our industry has lived by and start to up level your money frequency through taking care of your mind and body and bank account.

All You've got to do is Fill out an Application to Get started .

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Cory got their whole life in order again

“It truly is all about who you surround yourself with, and I've always been so inspired by the love and care you've put out in the world. I'm excited for anyone who gets to be a part of your circle because I know first hand how awesome that is! You have inspired me to do the same with my life...helping others! I'm at such a beautiful space in my life right now and I'm eternally grateful for having the opportunity to live my dream and make a difference. Thank you for planting those seeds."

Nicole re-Ignited her Spark 

“This was exactly what I needed without knowing I needed it. The time spent learning to meditate and move with purpose, the laughter with other women coming together to share their light…this will continue to have long-lasting positive effects."

Kara finally starter her own biz

“"Rian's knowledge is undeniable and I felt guided by a true professional."

Are you Ready to?

Have clarity, support and confidence in making nutritional changes that will stick for a lifetime, because you already know what to do it’s just a matter of being accountable.

Have a roadmap of key areas of life that need focus and love so that you can have more satisfaction in all areas of life.

Have health food right at your fingertips that will nourish your body and mind and allow meal planning to be simple at last.

Be synced up with Mother Nature, listen to your body’s signals, and be able to flow between masculine and feminine energies to heal deeper parts of yourself.

Practicing your own rhythms, rituals and routines because it’s WHO YOU ARE not what you do.  Learn, Practice, and Implement habit change

Reprogram your stress response and neurotransmitters so that you are resilient & your body makes more happy hormones naturally

  You are capable and worthy of everything you want in this life.

Instead of focusing on outside pleasures to bring you joy and satisfaction, you just need to flip your focus on yourself.

Now imagine how it would feel like to listen to the messages and signals your body and mind are sending you everyday. To have the clarity and ability to receive and respond to these signals will give you more energy and mental resiliency to handle the stressors of life. Building a safe and loving connection to your body and intuition will allow you to have more freedom, balance, fulfillment, and confidence from within and will radiate out to create your reality.

After you decide to Reclaim Your Wellness you will

Finally be in control and empowered to fill up your cup, honor your own potential, and take bold actions that say “yes” to the future vision of you.

Understand clearly what your top life priorities are, and defend and honor those priorities fiercely.

Laser in on your non-negotiables (what you won’t compromise on, what you won’t say “yes” to), and make the right decisions that align with your top priorities.

Commit to being your best self, and build daily practices that will support you in that commitment.


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sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

Just Imagine what’s possible when you prioritize your own wellbeing & reconnect to your healing gifts and passions to create more joy, happiness, and wealth from within.

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